June 6, 2022

What Is Cosmetic Facial Tattooing?

As the premier cosmetic tattoo artists in Milwaukee, we get many questions about permanent makeup (PMU), if they’re actually tattoos, and whether or not they’re a good candidate.  

The word tattoo alone generally prompts a lot of questions, but we couldn’t be MORE excited for what it allows us to offer our clients:

  • Microblading, brow shading, feathering
  • Permanent eyeliner
  • Lip blushing
  • Tiny tattoos
  • And tattoo removal — because mistakes (not by us) happen.

SO, what is PMU?

Permanent makeup is the umbrella term for cosmetic tattooing and other techniques that offer semi-permanent results. The difference from other types of tattoos, more or less permanent, is simply the equipment used (tools and pigments) and the resulting size and depth of the implantation of the ink. 

The techniques we offer all have specialized training courses because of the nature of the delicate areas we are working with. So just like a standard tattoo artist might be honing their artistry/craft based on the final work, we are doing the same but bearing in mind that the client is looking for a natural look and the location is the face. These key areas are sensitive, home to so many important processes, and require us to use extra caution. The results are amazing, time and again we are blown away by what these PMU techniques create for the beautiful faces we get to work with.

So, just because you aren’t someone who would consider a body tattoo doesn’t mean you aren’t a good candidate for cosmetic face tattooing. While semi-permanent in comparison to most body tattoos, we like you to still linger on the word permanent when considering these options because they WILL be there anywhere from 12-36 months. Every body heals differently. 

What if there’s a mistake?

After the initial healing process, we can make touch ups now knowing how your skin and body has taken to the pigment. Maybe you weren’t able to follow the aftercare instructions the way you wanted, and so the pigment didn’t quite “stick” as intensely as you had envisioned. No biggie! 

We do, however, do quite a few “clean-up” jobs from other microbladers. Whether they just didn’t work with your facial structure in the right way or it needs a completely fresh start, we have options: we’ll either adjust the existing work with additional work or begin the saline tattoo removal process. 

Non-laser tattoo removal is a technique used for unwanted pigment for any and all types of tattoos. The process is just like getting a tattoo except the pigment is replaced with saline solution. Implanting the solution into tattooed areas will cause an osmosis process that pulls the old pigment up and out of the skin.

While this technique does take longer to see results compared to laser tattoo removal, the difference is that the non-laser method is less invasive and creates less scarring to skin tissue. Saline removal is helpful whether it’s a tattoo or botched brows from another entity — we’d be happy to chat with you. Please book a consultation here and we’ll determine if it’s the right fit for your unique situation.

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