May 25, 2022

A Refreshed GÄDIS + 3-Year Recap

Offering the best microblading in Milwaukee doesn’t just happen overnight. When I set out to merge my love of aesthetics and beauty with my background in business and gifts in art, I had a sense I was onto something with permanent makeup. While the proper training and learning the intricacies of multiple techniques for brow cosmetic tattooing certainly set the foundation, it felt like the magic happened when I leaned into my art and trusted how to optimize potential in every set of brows with the clients goals in mind.

While this is something not everyone trained in permanent makeup (PMU) possesses, that is something that everyone within GÄDIS Beauty has a strong expertise over. Certifications and training can take you far, but the special sauce with the PMU artists on Team Gadis lies in pairing that with their artistry, vision, and collaboration with the client.

So when we celebrated three years earlier in 2022, we were honored and celebrated the way our clientele rallied around us so strongly, especially during the interesting landscape of the last few years. But truly were we surprised? No. We stand behind the value of what we offer, and the proof is in the way you all respond. We celebrated by upgrading the space with a fresh coat of paint and tweaking our layout to better serve you, and we made time to come together as a staff and acknowledge the hard and high quality work that brought us to this point.

What makes the GÄDIS Beauty experience unique?

We’ve chosen the services and the providers who offer them to be the perfect level of impact and maintenance. Our team is highly trained to help clients achieve results, whether brows, skincare, or other services, that enhance the clients beauty and fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. Our team knows what’s trendy, and is expert at each option, but we’re exceptional at delivering on a client’s desired outcome. Whether microblading, powder brows, lip blushing, or non-PMU services such as lashes, facials (like our Celebrity Superfacial Oxygeneo), organic tans, brow tint, brow lamination, and beyond. And second only to our level of service is the incredible energy that our team offers. We’re here for fun, positive energy, and supporting our clients with that. It’s a difference that matters, and it’s something we stand by. 

The future of Gadis looks bright. What’s next?

Doors continue to open for us — this will be more than just metaphorical in the coming months. We’re honored and having so much fun seeing the impact and potential of the services we offer, meaning expansion is happening now and surprises will keep popping up! As we expand, it’s so rewarding to bring business and opportunities to the community that raised me — including multiple projects beyond the scope of the studio and creating educational opportunities for youth exploring career paths in the trades that align with their gifts and passions. I’m so passionate about nurturing unique paths! 

And because we see the impact of cosmetic tattooing on the lives of our clients, we know there are additional applications of PMU that can support people navigating difficult chapters. We have ideas in this realm, too, that allow us to really support deserving individuals throughout the Greater Milwaukee community.

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