May 11, 2022

Botox + Brows

One of the most frequently asked questions we get, “WHAT COMES FIRST — BOTOX OR BROWS / MICROBLADING?” 

Our take: brows first. 

That’s our personal motto, obviously. This is more than just bias, though; the more permanent work of the brows should be designed around your features. Injectors are then able to enhance the curves and features of your brows to create the desired “final” look.

If you’ve never had botox before:

come see us first. We can do our best work when we have an understanding of brow and forehead movement. We can make corrections and create symmetry using your natural brow shape, but we can’t manipulate muscle movement. 

If you’re someone who botoxes regularly:

Still see us first, ideally, or at least when botox is the most “worn out.” We can correct symmetry cosmetically, but we can’t manipulate muscle movement. If you have no choice with the way you’re scheduled, make sure to give us at least TWO WEEKS after tox for the botox to settle. 

Why it matters:

Permanence. We feel you’d want the enhancement that will be with you the longest to be the one that works with your most natural slate. 

  • Microblading will last (at its peak) 12-24 months
  • Botox (on average) lasts 3-4 months

But this is more than just bias, especially because we ADORE and trust our injector with our faces (shoutout to the folks at Sweet Tox). If you botox before your brows, we’ll be creating your brows around those features. And because Botox wears off with time, your brows could end up settling not quite as ideal. Let us work our magic on your natural features. So again, microblade before botox.

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